Ladies Night is the 99th episode of Team SpongeBob and the 5th episode of Season 7.

Airdate: October 5, 2012

Genre: 2012 Action PG

Plot -Edit

With everyone on the team busy with a mission, Pearl and Sara are the only ones left to investigate when Team SpongeBob Headquarter's locate a possible clan member. They go out for a night on the town to battle him, but they are led into a trap.

Main Characters -Edit

SpongeBob/The Quickster
Shin Fu


Notes/Trivia -Edit

- Pearl is hinted at having a crush on SpongeBob.

- Pearl allegedly has a boyfriend.

- Impotent attempted to capture the enitre team by having one of his clan member lead them to the cave.

- Mindy and Larry are absent in this episode.

Questions -Edit

Who is Pearl's boyfriend?

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