Lovers is the 86th episode of Team SpongeBob and 5th episode of Season 6.

Airdate: February 14th, 2012

Genre: 2012 Action PG

Plot -Edit

Sandy and Patrick confront their feelings for eachother - and Mikey. Shin distracts The White Queen, Cassandra, so Linda and SpongeBob can access tower files. Pearl visits Pintar in jail and uncovers shocking revealations.

Characters -Edit








The White Queen/Cassandra


Notes/Trivia -Edit

- This is a Valentines Day special. - This episode and "Terrors", were paired together and aired as a one hour special named "Secrets Of Karate Island". In Reruns, they air separately.

- Pintar is revealed to be Cassandra's son.

- Pintar reveals the Queen and her officials were behind the plane crash and that they will attempt it again.

Title -Edit

The title may refer to the theme of love in this episode between Sandy and Patrick, Cassandra and Shin, and Pearl and Pintar.

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