The Team SpongeBob Movie Franchise consists of films (one currently) based off of the Team SpongeBob series.

Main TrilogyEdit

Team SpongeBob - The Movie: Land Beyond Time

Development on the first ever Team Spongebob was being considered. If green-lit, the movie will be in theaters sometime in the beginning of 2011.

On November 16, 2010, The movie was green-lit and started production. Production was completed Decemeber 26, 2010 with the movie set to air on January 7, 2011. The movie brought in a lot of viewers and was given a positive review.

Team SpongeBob - The Movie: Part 2

It was announced on April 8th, 2012 that a third movie was green lit as apart of a Team SpongeBob movie trilogy. teenj12 released a statement saying:

"The second movie will continue some of the story from Land Beyond Time, but also focus on something entirely new, as the team continues to explore new worlds on Karate Island.

Expect the movie to be up Late 2012/Early 2013."

The name of the planned sequel has not yet been released. On June 22, 2012, it was announced that the outline for the movie had been completed and writing/production would start soon.

Cancelled/Unproduced ProjectsEdit

Team SpongeBob Origins: Shin Fu

Announced June 5, 2011. Unknown it has been green lit yet.

Team Spongebob - Emotions Touching Across Time

Development of a sequel Team Spongebob was green-lit as of July 5, 2011. The movie is going to center on Pearl making decisions on the rest of her life. College.... or Team Spongebob? Meanwhile, Spongebob and Linda make the ultimate decision - Marriage.

Due to technical issues, the movie could not be produced. It was instead developed into Team SpongeBob's two part season 6 finale. Some storyplots that were going to be in the film, did not make it into the season finale sadly.

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