The seventh season of Team SpongeBob began airing on SBC, July 20, 2012. The season features the fictional superhero team, Team SpongeBob as they are becoming more popular on Karate Island and have expanded its ranks to a new set of lower class members.

Following the tradition of seasonal tittles, this season is named "Invaders Saga".

Plot -Edit

Six months after Season 6, in the Season Premiere, we see Team SpongeBob outside city hall at a Press Conference, introducing the new teammates that will make up a lower class team of Team SpongeBob. Afterwords, the team, including the new teammates head back to the new Team SpongeBob Headquarters. The main team, including Larry, The Lobster and Princess Mindy (who both joined sometime between Seasons 6 and 7) then talk privately about how they think the new recruits will do. The alarm suddenly goes off and the entire team runs into Mainland Kamodo Forests and discover that someone created a wildfire, reading "KF". Later, the main team members are told by King Neptune (who came to the island after the events of Season 6 to oversee it) that the people responsible are the Kong Fu Heckfire Clan.

He reveals they also killed a meta-fish a few weeks prior. The team is shocked, then SpongeBob says he has to leave for his therapy sessions (which he has been taking since after Linda's death in the Season 6 finale). It is then revealed that his therapist, Ms, Shaw is giving SpongeBob pills that she claim to be antidepressants, following the orders of Impotent, the KFH clan leader.

In "The Goal", King Neptune announces at a Conference House meeting to the entire island that the Kong Fu Heckfire Clan has returned. The KF Clan attack the conference, but Team SpongeBob is there and a fight breaks out. Impotent grabs Pearl and threatens to kill her onstage if everyone does not stop and listen to him. He gets everyone's attention and he states that he and his clan are going to take back Karate Island from super/meta-fish, as superpowers are a disgrace to the island's name.

In "For Real", Impotent has Azarah and Aria (Shin's mother and sister respectively) try to take the powerful jewel that Shin found in Season 6's "Bloodlines" for currently unknown reasons.

Notes/Trivia -Edit

- This is the first season to not have Sandy as a main character. This is also the first season to not have Linda as a main character since Season 2.

- This season introduces a new main villain, Impotent and the Kong Fu Heckfire Clan.

-The tittle "Invaders Saga" refers to the Kong Fu Heckfire Clan "invading" Karate Island to reclaim it.

Reception -Edit

Main Characters -Edit

SpongeBob Squarepants
Shin Fu
Patrick Star
Pearl Krabs
Princess Mindy
Larry, The Lobster

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