Shocking is the 88th episode of Team SpongeBob and 7th episode of Season 6.

Airdate: April 13th, 2012

Genre: 2012 Action PG

Plot -Edit

An angered SpongeBob, reeling from Linda's disappearance, is even more upset after Sandy and Patrick reveal to the group that they are dating. He sets off alone, only to face The Shocker. His friends fortunenly come to his rescue. Meanwhile, The White Queen announces to her citizens that Team SpongeBob are now enemies of the state.

Characters -Edit






The Shocker

The White Queen/Cassandra

Notes/Trivia -Edit

- Team SpongeBob are now fugitives, as procclaimed by The White Queen.

- The Shocker returns, last being seen in "Team Undersea Force".

Title -Edit

The title may be a play on The Shocker's name/powers and the reveal of Sandy and Patrick dating, which "shocks" the rest of the group, especially SpongeBob. It could also refer to the Team's aftershock of the events of the previous episode.

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