Team Undersea Force is the 83rd episode of Team SpongeBob and a Crossover with Storm Racers.

Plot -Edit

Team SpongeBob and Nathan (who accidently fell into their zone), journey into the caves of The White Forest to retrieve the Splitsvire, Nathan's high-tech boatmobile, after a lizard like metallic creature steals it. Shin, Sandy, SpongeBob, and Linda face off against the Metal Monger, while Pearl, Nathan, and Patrick take on the man behind the plan, a Mad Scientist named The Shocker.

After Nathan retrieves his boat, he goes after the Metal Monger. His friends arrive and a battle against MM takes place in the forest. Team SpongeBob and the Undersea Force work together and they defeat Metal Monger. Afterwords, the Karate Isand authorities arrive and take the Shocker to jail. Scientist take Metal Monger's body in for scanning. Team SpongeBob and the Undersea Force become friends and affiliates. Nathan then remarks if the team ever needs them, just beep. Team SpongeBob waves goodbye.

Main Characters -Edit


Shin Fu











Metal Monger

The Shocker

Notes/Trivia -Edit

- 83rd Episode.

- A Crossover with Storm Racers, created by famed spin-off writer Jjsthekid.

- A second crossover is being talked about, but currenty not in the works.

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