The Volcano Lord is a villain from Team SpongeBob.


Originally a young boy, mistakenly dropped into a tank full of power chemicals, James gained lava powers and named himself the Volcano Lord. After Qi Tung's reign, he appearantly took over Karate Island.

Season 1 (AQR) -Edit

The Volcano Lord has become a rutheless dictador and plans to destroy Karate Island. Shin summons three heroes to stop him. They all scavage the golden balls, a threat to VL's plans.

The Volcano Lord has a battle with Team SpongeBob for the ball, but a friend of the team steals it and takes off.

In the end, the Volcano Lord is defeated thanks to the use of the Golden Ball by Team SpongeBob.

Appearances -Edit

S1Ep.3 "Strike One"

S1Ep.5 "Plan B (Part 1)"

S1Ep.6 "Plan B (Part 2)"

S1Ep.7 "The Origin!"

S1Ep.9 "Battle Lines (Part 1)"

S1Ep.10 "Battle Lines (Part 2)"

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