Teams homepage on initial release

Teams, officially under "Glove World", is a feature of The SpongeBob Community released on June 29th, 2012 in addition to v8 Orca. Currently, it is in version 2.0.

Initial ReleaseEdit

Mr. Dr. Professor Patrick, the creator of Teams, announced that the first release of Teams would feature team battles, member battles, a team bank, and team stats. Upon release, all of which are available, but not all functionality is available. The absense of a notification system for the member battles and team stats being incomplete are the main features not available on the initial release. Mr. Dr. Professor Patrick has expressed that in the first update to Teams, these features will become available.

Minor ProblemEdit

A huge minor problem with the initial release of Teams was that the staff, the Jeopardy Champion, and the Employee of the Month could not be in a team. Teams would simply error and say that they weren't in a team (even if they were) and required the intervention of Mr. Dr. Professor Patrick editing Teams for each specific person. In a later bug fix (making version 1.0.1), this problem was resolved by the use of the secondary group option in the administrator control panel.

First UpdateEdit


Sparks notification

Teams 2 released on August 19th, 2012, and it included with the following features:
  • New notification system dedicated to Teams: Sparks(Now discontinued)
  • Updates to the team stats page
  • Battles now take place on ROBLOX, a free-to-play MMORPG.


On December 15th, 2012, a reform was created, causing Good Noodles and Krusty Krushers to be discontinued and 4 new teams to be created: Karate Choppers, Goofy Goobers, Jellyfish Hunters, and Spy Buddies. Most features remained, but some were removed. (Team Leader Store, Team Leaders, Sparks(removed before the reform, but still removed), Swords, etc.)

List of FeaturesEdit

  • Ability to battle other teams for team doubloons or advantages
  • Ability to battle other members for fun
  • Teams can battle each other through ROBLOX, a free-to-play MMORPG
  • Complete integration with ibEconomy
  • Improved coding from the original Glove World
  • Optimized for Orca
  • New "Team Store" section to the SBC Doubloon Store
  • A new team bank
  • Ability to donate to the team bank
  • Missions integration within the forums(Hasn't been a mission in a while)
  • Easter eggs hidden around the site(Hasn't been a hunt in a while)
  • All doubloons used within teams counts towards your total worth
  • Four weapons per team
    • Karate Choppers
      • Basic Throwing Star
      • Intermediate Throwing Star
      • Advanced Throwing Star
      • Godly Throwing Star
    • Goofy Goobers
      • Basic Spellbook
      • Intermediate Spellbook
      • Advanced Spellbook
      • Godly Spellbook
    • Jellyfish Hunters
      • Basic Staff
      • Intermediate Staff
      • Advanced Staff
      • Godly Staff
    • Spy Buddies
      • Basic Gun
      • Intermediate Gun
      • Advanced Gun
      • Godly Gun
  • Ability to upgrade weapons at any time
  • A "Team Stats" section (more added later after things getting going)
  • Updated navigation bar
  • Acrade and a Gernerator


Link to the initial release topic:

Link to Teams 2 update:

Link to Teams Reform:


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