The Adventures of Tom and Lou is an award winning spin-off that started airing on SBC on March 17, 2011. It was created by teenj12.

Airdate (SBC): March 17th, 2011

Ended: N/A

Genre: 2011 G Comedy.


Tom and Lou are two factory workers who are tired of their day to day lives, so have decided to take an around the sea summer road trip. With their car , "The Black Horror", and their friends Evelyn and Scooter, the duo are in for one awesome Summer.

Main Characters

List Of Characters



The Black Horror

Evelyn (Season 2-Present)

Scooter (Season 2-Present)


As the show centers on Tom and Lou's roadtrip around the sea, the show has no stable setting. Tom and Lou do visit certain places on more than one occassion. This is a list of them:

Bikini Bottom: The place Tom and Lou have lived their entire lives. Seen in episodes 1 and 7

The Pub Club: A bar in the town Wild Roarin' Waterz, owned by Bartender Mick. Unknown if any acoholic drinks are served. It also revealed that only root bear is served there. Seen in episodes 2 and 28.

Wild Roarin Waterz: Home to The Pub Club, and vicious bully, Big Mike. Seen in episode 2. The name of the town was revealed in episode 28.

Radell: A town which Evelyn and her cheer squad, cheered for. Their home state team is the Sharks.Tom and Lou seem to frequently visit this town. Seen in episodes 19, 23, 24, and 27.

Barnacle Idaho Desert: A desert that holds secret government bases, similar to Area 51 in real life. Seen in episodes 20 and 21.

Shallow Idaho: A town that is implied to have beautiful beach houses. Likely to be near Barnacle Idaho Desert. Seen in episode 18.


The show has received mixed to good reviews from SBC critics. In 2012, the show was nominated for and won an award for "Best Friendship (Tom and Lou)" in a Spin-Off. It won once again in The Golden Community Awards Fall 2012 for "Best Friendship", for the second time in the row.

Awards and Nominations

Award Award Show Result
Best Friendship (Tom and Lou) Golden Community Awards 3 - Summer 2012 Won
Best Friendship (Tom and Lou) Golden Community Awards 4 - Fall 2012 Won


Short #1: "Nice Mike" - Tom and Lou teach Big Mike how to be nice. - September 25th, 2011.


Season 1: 2011

Production Code Episode Airdate


March 17, 2011
S1EP.2 "The Pub Club" March 18. 2011
S1EP.3 "Death Of The Black Horror" March 25, 2011
S1EP.4 "Dating Ms Disaster" March 26, 2011
S1EP.5 "Uncle Max" April 12, 2011
S1EP.6 "High Tide In The Sky" (Special) April 16, 2011
S1EP.7 "Its a Cold, Cold World" April 21, 2011
S1EP.8 "Scooter Tags Along" April 27, 2011
S1EP.9 "Tom and Lou Go To High School" (Part 1 ) May 1, 2011
S1EP.10 "Tom and Lou Go To High School" (Part 2) May 1, 2011
S1EP.11 "Susie" May 7, 2011
S1EP.12 "Big Momma's Bank" May 14, 2011
S1EP.13 "Taking Seconds" May 23, 2011
S1EP.14 "Vacation Nation" (Special) May 31, 2011

Season 2: 2011-2012

Production Code Episode Airdate
S1S2EP.15 "I Pledge Alliance....To The Flag" (Special) July 5, 2011
S1S2EP.16 "The Adventures Of Moochers" July 8, 2011
S1S2EP.17 "Lou's Secret" July 25, 2011
S1S2EP.18 "Lou's Gonna Get It" July 26, 2011
S1S2EP.19 "The Pink Scream" August 22, 2011
S1S2EP.20 "Tom and Lou Go To The Desert" (Part 1) Septemeber 18, 2011
S1S2EP.21 "Tom and Lou Go To The Desert" (Part 2) September 23, 2011
S2EP.22 "The Adventures of Cross Dressers" Unaired
S2EP.23 "Uncle ScAM" January 20, 2012
S2EP.24 "Tales of A High School Dropout" November 9, 2011
S2EP.25 "The Black Horror In A Christmas Carol" (Part 1) December 19, 2011
S2EP.26 "The Black Horror In A Christmas Carol" (Part 2) December 19, 2011
S2EP.27 "Evelyn and Lou Run A Girl's Scout" February 11, 2012
S2EP.28 "A Chip Off The Old Pub" February 25, 2012
S2EP.29 "Lou, We Hardly Knew Ya" March 23, 2012
S2EP.30 "The Underground Trail That Led To No Where" March 31, 2012
S2EP.31 "Tom and Lou...Do Nothing" April 20, 2012
S2EP.32 "The Margo Camping Story" May 6, 2012
S2EP.33 "Crazy Hot" May 21, 2012
S2EP.34 "Boyfriend" June 17, 2012

Season 3: 2012-Present

Poduction Code Episode Airdate
S3EP.35 The Good Date July 21, 2012
S3EP.36 Evelyn, The Female Slayer August 4, 2012
S3EP.37 Happily Ever After You (Part 1)
S3EP.38 Happily Ever After You (Part 2)
S3EP.39 Tom's Louful Life August 18, 2012
S3EP.40 Return Of The Susie September 1, 2012
S3EP.41 Scooter Gets The Help September 29, 2012
S3EP.42 TOURture November 3, 2012
S3EP.43 Together Again December 8, 2012
S3EP.44 Lou Goes Emou December 15, 2012
S3EP.45 The Book Club December 22, 2012
S3EP.46 The Surf Off (Special)
S3EP.47 Evelyn Gets Cooked November 22, 2012
S3EP.48 Tom, Lou, and The Last Day Of Summer

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