Vacation Nation is the fourteenth episode of Season 1. It serves as the Season Finale and is a Special.

Plot -Edit

Tom and Lou board The S.S Blandy. Lou tells Tom that he aggravates him, which is why he needs the vacation. Upon arriving, they go to the pool. Tom gets in the hot tub and socializes with a woman named Juana and her family. Tom gets out and turns the hot tub heat up to hottest level. Doing so, burns Juana and her family with third degree burns.

Tom and Lou get complaints from the boat manager, Mr.Krabs. Later, Tom and Lou con Patrick into giving them all the boat's donuts. Mr.Krabs is again, angered.

A t the boat's Central Park, Tom releases all the sea critters and they flooded the boat.Sea Animal control is called in. Mr.Krabs has had with Tom, so to apologize, Tom gets Ned and the Needlefish to perform on deck, "It Ends Tonight".

Characters -Edit





Notes/Trivia -Edit

- Season 1 finale.

- The Black Horror is absent.

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