High Tide In The Sky is the first The Adventures Of Tom and Lou special.

Plot -Edit

Tom and Lou go to an airport to fly back to Bikini Bottom. Lou gets excited about being in an airport, to which Tom tells him not to get too excited or he'll have an asthma attack. Lou proclaims he doesn't have athsma.

They board the Krusty Plane. Tom conveys how upset he is about Scooter letting his Uncle go. Lou tells him not to think about it. Tom takes out his phone to call Scooter, when a female worker named Patricia tells him not to use the phone on the plane. He tells her he's going through a rough time, so Patricia begins yelling and screaming, saying how everyone goes through tough ruts. She then starts breathing funny, and Tom realizes she has athsma. She has an athsma attack and the plane land to remove her from it and take her to a hospital.

Tom and Lou fall asleep on eachother and Tom feels something wet and wakes up. He claims Lou is a drool-er, but Lou states its not drool. He almost reveals what it is, but Tom cuts him off, saying he doesn't want to know. The pilot announces a two hour delay for those going to Bikini Bottom. Tom gets angry and starts yelling about how he's put up with all of the craziness, to which Lou tells him to "calm his nipples". Tom tells Lou he thinks he has athsma. Lou asks why, then Tom has an athsma attack.

Characters -Edit



Patricia (Minor character)

Trivia/Notes -Edit

- This is the first special in the series.

- This is the second episode The Black Horror is absent in.

- The Black Horror is not seen or mentioned in the special, despite appearing at Uncle Max's "funeral" in the next episode.

Reception -Edit

"These are great! Tom and Lou should get their own TV spin-off." - SBRoxMan

"those are great, keep it up" - SpongeOddFan

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