Joyride is the very first episode of The Adventures Of Tom and Lou.

Airdate: SBM: March 9, 2011/SBC: March 17, 2011

Genre: 2011 Comedy G

Plot -Edit

The series starts off with Tom going over to Lou's house. They both got off their factory jobs for the summer. They discuss what they should do. Tom suggests taking his Uncle's car out for a joyride. Lou is at first resistant, but gives into the idea.

The take the boatmobile. Eventually, the cops chase after them and Tom and Lou out run them. Tom and Lou return the car, but Tom's uncle finds out. He tells them to keep it and to explore the ocean for themselves. The episode ends with Tom asking where should they go first, to which Lou responds, "Anywhere!".

Characters -Edit



The Black Horror

Uncle Max (Recurring Character)

Trivia -Edit

- This is the first episode.

- The Black Horror appears, but does not talk yet.

Reception -Edit

"good pliot" - SpongeOddFan

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