The third season of The Adventures Of Tom and Lou began on July 21, 2012. The season chronicles the adventures of former factory workers Tom, Lou, and their snarky anthropomorphic car The Black Horror, as they continue their around the sea roadtrip, joined regularly by their friends Evelyn (a cheerleader touring the sea for the summer with her team), and Scooter.

In this season, Evelyn becomes a model, Lou meets and falls in love with a princess, Scooter takes part in a surfing compettition, Tom joins the Bad Guyz Club, and The Black Horror reunites with Uncle Max.

Season SynopsisEdit

As of this season, Tom and Evelyn begin to date, following the events of Season 2's "Boyfriend". Lou attempts to set up the perfect date for Tom and Evelyn in "The Good Date", but it is ruined when Evelyn and Tom start a huge food fight.


Poduction Code Episode Airdate
S3EP.35 (1)

"The Good Date"

When Tom and Evelyn reveal that they have not had their first date yet, Lou sets out to plan them the perfect first date at a resturant named "The Love Glove". However, Tom and Evelyn start a food fight with eachother and Lou thinks the date is ruined, but in the end they admit that they actually had fun.

NOTE: The title is a spoof of "The Good Wife", a real life show.

NOTE: This is the third season in the row where The Black Horror has no role in the season premiere. In The First season premiere, he couldn't talk yet and in the second season premiere,he is absent, and in this episode he just appears in the beginning of the episode with no speaking part.

July 21, 2012
S3EP.36 (2)

"Evelyn, The Female Slayer"

While training to get her blackbelt in a Women's Karate Academy, the girls there want to hook Evelyn up with a Modeling agency, revealing they are models too. Later, Tom, Lou, and Scooter discover that she has become a model, but Tom thinks her career is moving too fast. After her first show, Evelyn and the boys are cleaning up, when the girls, Bertha, Amanda, Cornelia, and Shella attack Evelyn and her friends. She beats up all of them and they wake up and reveal that they were actually testing Evelyn and they give her a Black Belt.

August 4, 2012
S3EP.37 (3) Happily Ever After You (Part 1)
S3EP.38 (4) Happily Ever After You (Part 2)
S3EP.39 (5)

"Tom's Louful Life"

Realizing that he spends too much time with Lou, Tom decides it would be best if he and Lou started hanging out with other people. Lou tells Evelyn and they (and Scooter) go to Uncle Max's house to tell him about Tom's treatment of Lou. They run into Tom and The Bad Guyz Club there and Tom announces that he is now with them, much to his friend's chargin.

Meanwhile, Scooter joins Evelyn's Cheer Squad (The Hollaback Girls) as their mascot, but he does a poor job at practice. When its Scooter's turn to do his mascot stuff at the big Cheerleading Nationals, he takes a loud speaker and tells Tom and Lou to be friends again. Tom and Lou hug and make up. Uncle Max tells Tom that he's disapointed, but Tom says he is happy with the friends he has.

NOTE: This episode was aired out of order.

August 18, 2012
S3EP.40 (6)

Return Of The Susie

Tom, Lou, and The Black Horror are at Uncle Max's mansion, which he gave them access to while he is gone. While there, the door bell rings and the boys are shocked to find out its Susie. The little girl who stalked them in a Season 1 episode. Frightened, they call Evelyn who comes over to the mansion. Evelyn decides to take care of Susie, believing that she isn't a threat. The boys leave the house in a hurry. Evelyn and Susie then spend the day at the mansion as Susie does terrible things that endanger her and Evelyn. Uncle Max's mansion sets on fire due to Susie turning the oven up on high, while cookies were baking. Evelyn realizes that Susie really is trouble and throws her to Lou and Tom who have just shown up. She then runs away screaming. Tom and Lou do the same, leaving Susie on the ground. Uncle Max arrives to see the Firemen at his mansion and he screams "Toooooom" in anger.

September 1, 2012
S3EP.41 (7)

Scooter Gets The Help

After Scooter gets a low IQ on David Hickings trivia show, the gang take him to the city, Fish Medicalis to see a highly credited doctor. The doctor invites them to stay at his mansion while he is doing therapy with Scooter, but they soon become obsessed with the man's home.

September 29, 2012
S3EP.42 (8)


After several of Betty Coven's tourists claim that she is abusive, Lou, Tom, Scooter, and The Black Horror travel to Corolwood to the set of Jennifer Tinsley's new talk show where Lou hopes to help save Betty's reputation.

Meanwhile, Tom and Scooter become afraid of The Black Horror after watching a scary movie, featuring a killer car.

Absent: Evelyn

November 3, 2012
S3EP.43 (9)

Together Again

When Uncle Max is asked to by Tom to "babysit" The Black Horror, Uncle Max and the anthropomorphic car begin to reconnect, however, Evelyn's Uncle Steve arrives to take The Black Horror, believing that he is the car's owner, because he 2.0'ed him. Tom becomes emotional and faces Uncle Steve in court for possession of The Black Horror. In the end, Uncle Max gets possession of the car for being its original creator. He however will transfer possession to Tom again.

Meanwhile, Lou and Scooter get jobs as assistance to famous singer, Confisha Tailwave after her old ones quit. Trouble ensues however, when Lou and Scooter mistankenly turn her hair purple.

Decemeber 8, 2012
S3EP.44 (10)

Lou Goes Emou

After Tom calls Lou a sourpuss, Lou decides to devoid himself of emotion, following advice from a new friend named Emou. Tom becomes annoyed by Lou's new attitude and sets up a stunt to get him back to normal, which works and the two make up.

Meanwhile, Evelyn asks The Black Horror to let her grandmother "drive" him.

December 15, 2012
S3EP.45 (11)

The Book Club

Tom joins a book club to please Evelyn, but the book club runner keeps flirting with him.

December 22, 2012
S3EP.46 (12) The Surf Off (Special)
S3EP.47 (13)

Evelyn Gets Cooked

Evelyn has a thanksgiving party at her uncle's cabin, but things go unexpected when she burns the food.

November 22, 2012
S3EP.48 (14) Tom, Lou, and The Last Day Of Summer

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