The Adventures of No Name

Premiere Date: September 19th, 2009


The logo.

End Date: June 26th 2010

Status: Ended

The Adventures of No Name is a spin-off created by spongebobfan200/Steel_Sponge. This spin-off tags alongthe adventures of No Name and his friends: Angler, Twelvie, and Brain. Along with some recurring villains, Jellyfish Fields and its laws, laws of physics, and more. Sadly, he recently announced he is cancelling it because he got tired of it, however he confirmed a movie for it will be coming in 2011. It was recently given to Old Man Jenkins, but he never went ahead and continued it. The movie that was planned for 2011 was never made either.

Episode ListEdit

Season 1Edit

S1E1(1): My Name is..../Net of Lies (US: September 19th, 2009)

S1E2(2): Strum Roll/Trapped in the Net (US: September 19th, 2009)

S1E3(3): Sneak Peak/Twelve Angry Jellyfish (US: September 26th 2009)

S1E4(4): Queen Bee/Lime Gelatin (US: October 3rd 2009)

S1E5(5): Outside the Jar/Got Nerve (US: October 10th 2009)

S1E6(6): Planting a Plan/Sill-Will (US: October 17th 2009)

S1E7(7): Buzzbots/Good Bill Hunting (US: October 24th 2009)

S1E8(8): Jelly Thunder/Like it and Scoop it (US: November 7th 2009)

S1E9(9): Something's Jellyfishy/To the Carribean (US: November 14th 2009)

S1E10(10): Special Delivery/Unhealthy Living (U: November 21st 2009)

S1E11(11): Gone Fishing/Contagious Stingalacionous (US: November 27th 2009)

S1E12(12): Club Friend/Goes Together (US: November 27th 2009)

S1E13(13): Prank and War/Come Spot With Me (US: December 5th 2009)

S1E14(14): Zombie Fields/Hypnetized (US: December 12th 2009)

S1E15(15): Hivecoming/Home is Where the Sole is (US: December 19th 2009)

S1E16(16): Stingers School/O' Ol Reliable (US: January 16th 2010)

S1E17(17): No Man Band/Friend's Visit (US: January 23rd 2010)

S1E18(18): Want Jam on That Toast?/True Flavors (US: January 30th 2010)

S1E19(19): Jellytastic Voyage/No Name-San (US: February 6th 2010)

S1E20(20): Tea For Tree/Kevin Jr. (US: February 13th 2010)

Season 2Edit

S2E1(21): Make Three Wishes/Fish Bits (US: February 20th 2010)

S2E2(22): Zapping Gelatinouses/Life Gives You Limes (US: February 27th 2010)

S2E3(23): Unknown Identity/Electric Escape (US: March 15th 2010)

S2E4(24): Jellyfish Philosopher/Fly on the Wall (US: March 16th 2010)

S2E5(25): Big Brother (US: March 19th 2010)

S2E6(26): Jelly Hearts/Interview With a Kevin (US: March 17th 2010)

S2E7(27): Jellyfish Can't Kick/Picture Day (US: March 18th 2010)

S2E8(28): Beauty Really is Skin Deep/Jelly Bully (US: March 27th 2010)

S2E9(29): N0.N0 Name/Tentacle Twist (US: April 3rd 2010)

S2E10(30): You Want Action?/Friend Forever (US: April 10th 2010)

S2E11(31): Merry Squishmas (US: December 21st 2009)

S2E12(32): Paging Dr. No Name/The Club (US: April 17th 2010)

S2E13(33): Super-Sting/Lunch Break (US: April 24th 2010)

S2E14(34): De-Merited/Fear Factors (US: May 15th 2010)

S2E15(35): Migration Nation/Group of Ten (US: May 22nd 2010)

S2E16(36): Oh My Kevin/Jellyfish Field Giants (US: May 29th 2010)

S2E17(37): Extinct X-ing/That Darn Leech (US: June 26th 2010)


  • This is so far the only spin-off to focus on No Name.
  • Merry Squishmas, despite being episode 11 in Season 2, was the first Season 2 episode to air.
  • Episode 38(No Name Rides a Bike/The End) was an April Fools joke.

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