The Adventures of Squidward Tentacles

Premiere Date: July 5th, 2008
End Date: August 2nd, 2008

Summary: The Adventures of Squidward Tentacles is created by a member named RaeandAnasRock. Due to Spongebob, Squidward decides to move to Ukelele Bottom(location mentioned in a Spongebob episode). On the way, Squidward makes new friends: Chad and Sam, who are the same species and are both Squidward's age. Plus, there's competitions, rivals, and more of what makes the Adventures of Squidward Tentacles. The series may have ended, but RaeandAnasRock decided to make a spin-off of it: Squid Bottom.

Season 1:
1. The New Squid in Town/Squidiots
2. Le New Job/The Things That Go Suction in the Night
3. Chad's Girlfriend/Music Messup
4. Special. Halloween Krabs/The Bet
5. The Mild, Mild, West/News About Noises
6. Art Dilemma/Squid's Putt Out
7. Treasure Slips/The Squid Squad
8. Heck's Kitchen/Party in the Hizzouse!
9. Hooked Up Squid/Statue of Stupidity
10. Double Trouble/Finding Nemo
11. Wrongs and Wrongs of Passage/Wooden Hearts
12. Let's Runover the Differences/Saving Suction Squidward
13. Fantasies Without Meanings/Squid and Squider
14. I Was Not Made for Loving You/Movie Cuts
15. Vicious Competition/Le Special Day
16. Squid on a Stick/What Not to Do at a Cliff
17. Capers of the Darkness/Clary Sweet Clary
18. Orchestral Tuning/Explosion Expostion
Special. A True Valentine/Rick's Revenge
20. A Look Back in the Life

Season 2:
21. Unknown Squid/Change of Heart
22. Caper Shredder/Jimmy Returns
Special. Saint Patrick's Day/Welcome Wagon
24. The Credibles/Legacy of the Charades
25. Krakken's Delight
26. Inked Out/The Squidist Substance
27. The Not-So Spring Fever/Suction Scare
28. Boxstuck/The Shocking Truth
29. A Ukelue Summer/The Five Days of Amateaur
30. A "30" Too Far/Surprise!
31. How Many Trombones, Again?/Twisted France
32. Special. Fireworks of the French/A Squid's Scent
33. Rick Rack/Breath of Fresh Water
34. Double Hate/Fenced
35. My Not-So-Intelligent Friend/Aren't I Rite?
36. The Tentacles Family/Sam's Girlfriend
37. Clarinet Check/Resturant Mayhem
38. Tentacle Figures/All Systems No Go
39. Runway Catfights/Latter, Dudes!
40. Special. Labor's Cancer

Season 3:
41. Dance Competition/Competitive Chad
42. Squid Wars
43. Autumn Reefs/The Golden Scent
44. Squid in Space/Clarinet Records
45. Special. The Unforgettable Halloween
46. Fourth Wall/Tentaclewarmers
47. The New Scent of Whattheheckisit/Cookin' with Squidward and Novices
48. Suction, Suctioner, and Suctionest/The Squid and the Plankton
49. A Squid's Life for Me!/Flight of Fury
50. Special. Thanks But No Thanksgiving?
51. Avalanche/Call of Confusion
52. Tune it Up!/Gladiater Radio-Tator
53. Home Deprovement/Like a Snowgen
54. Special. The Ukelue Christmas
55. Special. A Clean Year is a Happy Year/The Squidward and Sam Show
56. Crunch Shine!/Agent of All Insanity
57. The Squid That Would Be King/Family Shatters
58. Collision/The Special Someone
59. Operation Termination/Suction to the Max!
60. Le Big Problem

Season 4:
61. The Dating Shame/Pranks You
62. Put Your Flirt On!/The Unroyal Treatment
63. Stuck on an Island and Can't Be Found
64. Ye Olde Medieval Special
65. Ukelue Bottom's Funniest Home Videos/Another Day, Another Tentacle
66. I, Octobot/A Day in the Sun
67. Mood Swinged/The Secret
68. Risking Friendships/New Employee
69. The Artificial Symphony/Cheapskate Stakeout
70. TV Movie. Everything is Not What it Seems
71. Some Like it Rot/Sam Moves In
72. Blow Up Blowout/Planted Neighbors
73. The Prom/Relation Generation
74. More Than Pen Pals/Fame
75. Burnin' Down the House!/Squids Just Wanna Have Fun
76. A Head Day's Night/Alley Pinned
77. Special. (An Episode That's) Most Ghost/Chad's Birthday
78. Star Bowler/The Squid Squad Returns
79. A Season's Penultimate
80. May the Best Squid Win/Sleepover Sam

Season 5:
81. Allergic Squid/Party of Zero
82. Squid of the Future/Rick
83. Blast to the Past/A Rich One
84. Fair Science/The Loft
85. Rick's Final Stand
86. Squid's New Girlfriend/Construction Destruction
87. Priceless Squids/Driving Dilemma
88. Summer Tutor/Jimmy's Third
89. Crunch Time/The No-Go Salary
90. The Wedding
91. Honeymoon Mania
92. Team Squidward
93. Mismatch Maker
94. Flying Sauces
95. Virtu-Date
96. Party Rival
97. Anniversary
98. The Long and Squidy Road (1)
99. The Long and Squidy Road (2)
100. The Long and Squidy Road (3) (Series Finale)

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