Premiere Date: September 26th, 2011
Status: 7-part special

The Dark Side of Herd is a fanfic created by Steel & SOF that lasted from September 26th- December 5th. This fanfic is very similar to Kickassia and/or Suburban Knights.

Steel lures 20 other SBC members, and convinces them he recieved a free trip to a citywide costume party in San Diego. All except for a few dress as famous internet reviewers, and meets MarioOrange/Rainbow Dash at the MLPFiM exhibit, where he reveals the 6 Elements of Harmony. But unfortunately...they were all gone, the worst happens when the bronies at the party suddenly disappeared while the SBC members were pondering, but also ACS' source of the attraction and his anger has been captured: Dragiiin. In time, the others weren't captured. In a library, they find a book of the Elements of Harmony on a table, and gathers with the others about the strange disappearances. Then they realized that darkness was spreading through the air. At ACS' lair, he explains to Dragiiin about his plan to make all bronies known to the internet into his minions and eventually makes him into one. The other SBC members must go on a journey to find 5 of 6 of the Elements of Harmony to vanquish Prince Dark Ruler, with the 6th element sealed away in ACS lair, and they must do it before ACS at least becomes "Emperor Dark Ruler."


Due to writer's block, the last two parts were pushed to December, thus a two month hiatus.

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