The Golden Community Awards, or the GCA's for short, is a sub-forum under the Glove Universe forum in the Kelp Forest section of SBC.

They are combined from the Spin-Off Awards and Member awards. It is also a forum, where it holds the ceremonies and old Member and Spin-Off award threads. The idea was created by Clappy, but he left staff before he could plan and host it.

Forum Description: The place where members and content are honored and rewarded with official awards. You can find the old Member and Spin-Off awards here as well.

Golden Community Awards I - jjsthekid (January 14th, 2012 - February 3rd, 2012)

Golden Community Awards II - tvguy347 (June 22nd, 2012 - July 3rd, 2012)

Golden Community Awards III - jjsthekid (November 10th, 2012 - November 23rd, 2012)

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