The Guitar Lord was a spin-off created by that70sguy92. It is one of his most short lived, but popular spin-offs. Premiere Date: July 23rd 2009

Ended: July 8th 2010

Status: Ended

Plot: The spin-off focuses on Zeus from "Tentacle Vision". He and his band the Rockers face off against Hade's band, the Stoners. There was a movie planned, but according to 70s, it has been canned due to him losing the file for it. It was cancelled for a while, but due to some large requests, it was brought back. Sadly, at the 5th Spin-Off Awards, he officially announced a cancellation for it.

Season 1 Edit

S1E1 (1)- Unsuccessfulness Is the Worst

S1E2 (2)- Auditions

S1E3 (3)- Totally Evil!

S1E4 (4)- Replacing Hades

S1E5 (5)- The First Musical Performance

S1E6 (6)- Broken Guitar

Season 2 Edit

S2E1 (7)- Guess Who's Back

S2E2 (8)- She Could Be You


  • This is the first spin-off of 70s that was cancelled, brought back to life, and cancelled again.

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