The Idiot Box is a new member on SBC, joining December 11th, 2011. He has been very active and has become well known in the spin-off community. On May 1st 2012, he was given the Employee of the Month award. On June 30th 2012, The Idiot Box won his first SBJ game with the help of CNF1 and Aquatic Nuggets.

Controversy On The Xat -Edit

On June 26, 2012, The Idiot Box crticized and bashed anime fans, thus leading to a fight between him and Ex (who is an anime fan). The next day on June 27, 2012, he was confronted by Managers, Jjsthekid and Tvguy about it. They explained to him why it was wrong and the situation was settled.

Parent BanEdit

On August 8, Boxxy Brown (Idiot's Box's Username) replied in the "So How's Your Sex Life, Mark?" thread. However, his parents saw what he posted (and the other posts) and banned him from SBC. The ban wasn't permanent until a few days later, when he got onto the xat to confirm his ban and to say goodbye to all his friends. It was unknown when he would be allowed to return, or even if he would be allowed to return at all, but on September 27, he came back onto SBC.

The Idiot Box-Aquatic Nuggets ConflictEdit

More info here

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