The Idiot Box-Aquatic Nuggets Conflict was a fight between a moderator and a member during October 2012.

1st ConflictEdit

The conflict started after The Idiot Box's parents allowed him to return to SBC in October 2012. When he came back he did not like that Aquatic Nuggets had become a moderator (following the 2012 Cashier Elections).

On October 3rd, he used doubloon theft on AN and then PC'd him on xat and expressed that he didn't like him being a mod and that AN was now his "nemesis". But it blew over until, on October 6th, 2012, Idiot Box was suspended from the xat due to him bashing Aquatic Nuggets all day long, criticizing him on why he became a mod on SBC, saying he was too new.

He was being very hostile to Aquatic Nuggets the entire day, and in the end, he was banned from the xat for 2 days. However, he was unbanned by tvguy thinking he had changed, and half an hour later he was banned again to complete the rest of his consquence, causing even more controversy. He later disguised himself the following day as another user, LapisLezuli, but everyone managed to find out it was him, and he was re-banned.

2nd ConflictEdit

After his banning, he was calm the rest of the week, until October 13, 2012 when he bashed Aquatic Nuggets on SBC's TinyChat (He was trying to vent privately). He said racist things such as calling Aquatic "gangsta crap". He was suspended from the xat for 2 days by admin Jjsthekid and moderator teenj12. He also recieved a 2 day suspension from SBC.

3rd ConflictEdit

On November 12, 2012, Box was banned from SBC and the Xat for a week. This time around, Box's favorite store item, "Doubloon Thief" was removed due to the "Store Reform" and Box got mad. He exploded and blamed Aquatic for this, because it was partly his idea. A couple days before, he lashed at Aquatic Nuggets while he talked about his spinoff. The reason for his ban also included being mean to other users. Box was warned that if he does this again, he would be banned permanently.

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