The Krusty Plane is a spin off created by tvguy347, inspired by The Krusty Cruise and The Krusty Train. It once again, like it's predecessors, revolves around Mr. Krabs taking business to different places, like a ship or a train. The show premiered on March 18, 2011. So far, 20 episodes for Season 1 have been ordered.
Premiere Date: March 18, 2011
End Date: April 1, 2011
Status: Ended

Mr. Krabs---the very strict, but caring, boss and pilot of The Flying Frycook.
Squidward---the lazy, self-absorbed Number 2 to Mr. Krabs, although he doesn't want to be.
Spongebob---a very energetic sea sponge who loves to be the frycook on the plane.
Kate---a very helpful, and attractive employee.
Garrett---a very strong and caring sight-seeing tour guide on the plane.
Phil---the twin of Bill and a waiter
Bill---the twin of Phil and a waiter as well.
Miscellaneous Employees---it is said that the rest of the staff consists of two security guards, two waitresses, and five extras.

The show chronicles the adventures of Mr. Krabs and his crew as they travel the sea on a triple decker sea plane called "The Flying Frycook." The show also deals with Mr. Krab's financial woes, as he struggles to pay off a loan he took in order to buy the plane.

Episode List
Season 1
(S1E1) Episode 1: Pilot (Aired on March 18, 2011)
(S1E2) Episode 2: The Problem with Anchovies (Aired on March 18, 2011)
(S1E3) Episode 3: The Elephant in the Room (Aired on March 21, 2011)
(S1E4) Episode 4: Bermuda (Aired on March 24, 2011)
(S1E5) Episode 5: Wherever the Egg May Be... (Aired on March 28, 2011)
(S1E6) Episode 6: A Snob Named Delilah (Aired on April 1, 2011)

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