The Life and Times of Tvguy is another spin-off created by Dragiiin123. Although meant to be a joke at first, he later continued it. Guest writers include jjsthekid and Santa Dog. And tvguy wrote an episode.

Premiere Date: April 25th, 2010
End Date: August 29th, 2010
Status: Ended

Plot: Basically the spin-off revolves around a fish named Tvguy's adventures and pretty much has no actual plot.

Episodes :

Season 1
1. He plays football
2. Girlfriend3. Opinion4. Cursing5. Lieing6. Backstory7. Elastic8. SUPER ORIGINAL BUT ISN'T FIT FOR AN EPISODE SPIN-OFF SERIES9. Guest Writer Time10. Dragiiin approves of guest writer

Season 2
11. Elastic's Fantastical Episode12. Extreme13. The Chicken who Died14. Jjs Thinks15. Rick Roll'd16. Let's Share Tips!17. Jjs is Mean18. Who will Write Episode 19?19. TV DUR HURR20. Everybody

Season 3
21. Team Spongebob22. Sponge23. Something New24. Genisis25. Dragiiin gets Banned26. Many Accounts27. Mack is Back28. Muma Zia!29. Steel30. The Mall

Season 4
31. The Monroe Show?
32. Trashed
33. Luke of Hazzard
34. Tvguy
35. Ponder
36. Insecure

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