The Minorly Average Show is a spin-off created by Goosebumpsfan2.

Premiere Date: July 2009
End Date: TBA
Status: Returning

Plot: Basically, the show is about adventures of minor characters on Spongebob such as Tom and Fred. This spin-off abruptly ended when Goosebumpsfan decided to leave SBC, but announced he was taking a break and continued it.

Episodes :

Season 1
1.A Minor Inconvenience
3.Fred's Girlfriend/Prison Break
4. Scooter Quits/Bubble Bass's diet
5. Young Man Jenkins/ Night Of The Living Smitty
6. Dennis's Final Strike/Princess Mandy
7. Mini Squidward's Revenge/Return of The Hash Slinging Slasher
8. Revenge of The Alaskan Bull Worm
9. Jim's Place/ Injury Island
10. Squilliam Goes Broke/Queen Mindy
11. Ofiicer Fred
12. Secret Agent Tom(Part 1)
13. Secret Agent Tom(Part 2)
14. Fred Millionaire/ Night Of The Living DutchMan
15. A Mid Summer's Nightmare/Fred's Son
16. It's Thanksgiving Fred Smith
17. Back In Bikini Bottom
18. Spongebob and Patrick Visit
19. Dan's Brother
20. Freaky Tuesday/FredTube
21. Hypno Fool/Lou Gets Fired

Season 2
22. Tom and Fred's Stupid Adventure
23. The Break Up/ Saving Private Tom
24. Super Dudes
25. Mermaid Man: The Brave,The Minorly Average, and the Bold(Part 1)
26. Mermaid Man: The Brave,The Minorly Average, and the Bold(Part 2)
27. Frankie-Stein/Close Encounters of the 4th Kind
28. The Minorly Average Zone
29. GhoulBusters
30. The Sea Monkey's Fin
31. A Minorly Average Christmas
32. Dan's Very Own Episode/Patty Hype
33. So It's Come To This: A Minorly Average Show Clip Show
34. Fred Who?/ Preschool Daze
35. Secret Agent Tom 2:Dr.Yo
36. Fred The Jellyfish
37. Tom,Fred,And Lou's Even Stupider Adventure
38. A Minorly Average Musical (Part 1)
39. A Minorly Average Musical (Part 2)

Season 3
40. My Big Fat Chum Wedding
41. A Minor Inconvenience: The Musical

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