The Monroe Show was quite a controversial show. It had many random ideas and was created by 66ers.

Premiered: January 1st, 2009

Ended : February 25th 2009

Status: Ended

Plot: The show had very random ideas, and received mixed reviews. The show was not actually finished because 66ers got banned. The show first came in January 2009 and he later canceled it due to negative reviews. But he decided to revive it in February 2009 after a long hiatus. The show focuses on Monroe who went through strange adventures. There was several 11 minute episodes and some 30 minute episodes.


66ers had constantly demanded for reviews of his show. One episode known as "With that, What?" was actually insulting fellow creator YBRBNF's show With That, what? 66ers had gained some controversy for this.

Episode GuideEdit

Season 1:Edit

1. Monroe Moves/ The Pet

2. What?/ The Other One

3. Pie Time!/ Hello Patrick

4. Monroe Vs. The Mirror

5. Monroe Says No!/ Man of Action

6. Bratty/ The Warriors

7. The Clear Cut Winner

8. The Man in Charge/ Why In The Deep Blue Sea?

9. Special: Monroe Vs. The Monster

10. Krabby Land 2

11. The Triology Of Monroe Part 1

12. The Triology Of Monroe Part 2

13. The Triology Of Monroe Part 3

14. Recover, Monroe

15. Enter Gary The Snail

16. Sodaholics Unleashed

17. Underwater Idol: Monroe's Choices

18. Monroe and Monty

19. The Whirlpool

20. Season 1 Flashbacks

Season 2:Edit

21. Ban That Guy!

22. Monroe Finds Love

23. Monroe Meets Larry

24. Star Power

25. With That, What?

26. Back To The Basics

27. Plankton's Tale

28. Thousand Or More

29. Well, What Have We Learned Today?

30. Monroe Vs. Joe/ The Power Of Monroe

31. Monroe The Slow

32. Monroe City

33. Who Did It?

34. I'm Sorry

35. Snails

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