The Noob Troop is a lit created by Clappy, now owned by jjsthekid.

Premiere Date: December 30th, 2010

End Date: -

Status: Returning

Plot: A bunch of noobs, or ridiculed members, form a gang that attempts to solve mysteries.

Episode GuideEdit

Season 1:

1. The Case of How The Noob Troop Formed

2. The Case of The Missing Meef

3. The Case of the Ectoplasmic Ghost

4. The Case of LolLand

5. The Case of The New Member

6. The Case of Rivalry

7. The Case of the Missing Wang

8. The Case of The Jewel Thief

9. The Case of The Noobette Troop

10. The Case of the Bullies

11. The Case of the Missing Bicycle

12. The Case of the Smashed Vase

13. The Case of the Spammers

Season 2:

14. The Case of Who Shot ACS?

15. The Case of the Haunted Forest

16. The Case of Who Shot ACS? II: The Truth

17. The Case of the Quakes

18. The Case of the Member Initiation

19. The Case of the Missing Brother

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