The Official SpongeBob DVD Reviews Thread was thread in the "SpongeBob" forum on SBC. On the first Friday of each month, a SpongeBob DVD review was posted. A user graded its cover art, special features and episodes. The first ever DVD review was posted on July 1st, 2011. A review will have a "Food Critic" rank. Once they review the DVD, they will be paid 300 doubloons. The first review had 4 reviews, but the rest of them were 1 reviewer a month. As of March 2012, the idea has been discontunied due to lack of interest.

The Food Critic rank for reviewers.


Reviewer DVD Name Date Posted Overall Grade
CDCB, Dragiiin123 and Sabre The Complete 2nd Season July 1st, 2011 78% / C+
SpongeSebatian Heroes of Bikini Bottom August 5th, 2011 80% / B-
Jjsthekid Friend or Foe? September 2nd, 2011 76% / C-
CDCB SpongeBob's Runaway Roadtrip October 7th, 2011 86% / B+
JCM SpongeBob Goes Prehistoric November 4th, 2011 93% / A-
Jjsthekid Holidays With SpongeBob December 2nd, 2011 78% / C+
Jjsthekid The Complete 7th Season January 7th, 2012 92% / A-
Jjsthekid Frozen Face-Off February 4th, 2012 89% / B+

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