The Patrick Show

Premiere Date: July 25th, 2008
End Date: TBA

Summary: Inspiried by Tentacle Acres, Patrick finds a place like that for starfish called Starfishville, and decides to move there. His neighbours, Perry and Pam, become his best friends, and he gets a job as a doughnut tester at The Doughnutter. Created by PokeSponge123 in 2008, the episode ideas were created from July to September. Once the series ended, it was followed by Star City, a more adult show focusing on The Patrick Show's Perry. Every episode can now be read on the SBC website, completely unedited, even with original typos.

Episode List:
Season 1:
1. Moving On/Jellyfish Day-25th July 2008
2. Desparate For A Job/Who Stole The Doughnut?-1st August 2008
3. Downtown Disaster/Babysitting-1st August 2008
4. Rival Survival/House Improvement-8th August 2008
5. A Dollar Too Many/Big Head-15th August 2008
6. The Rules/Pat's New Phone-22nd August 2008
7. Redundancy Riot/The Election-18th September 2008
8. Scammed/Once In A Life Time Opportunity-6th October 2008/7th October 2008
9. Mack-arena/GloveMan-8th October 2008/9th October 2008
10. Pen Pals/Bowling Fun-10th October 2008/11th October 2008
11. The Awakening Of The Big, Pink And Stingy/Muscle Man-9th January 2009
12. Star Trek/Ye Old Starfishville-13th February 2009
13. Patrick SquarePants/Boat Tutor-20th February 2009
14. Golf Master/Double Trouble Honey Waffle Industries-20th February 2009
15. Grandma Star's Visit/What Lives Under The Bed-7th March 2009
16. 'Twas The Night Before Easter/Dateless-1st April 2009
17. The Star Who Cried Seadog/Flavour Explosion-15th May 2009

Season 2:
18. Fortune And Fame/Abra Ka-danger-6th November 2009
19. Mr. Point/Garage Sale-20th November 2009
20. Returning To Rock Bottom-20th November 2009
21. Patrick Party/Jealousy Detected-20th November 2009
22. Do-nut Go There/Halloweenies-20th November 2009/31st October 2009 (originally a special episode just for Halloween)
23. Problem In The Poop Deck, Crisis In The Crow's Nest/Supply Boss-18th December 2009
24. Decision Impossible/Virus Chasers-20th December 2009
25. To Patrick, With Love/Mall Addict-19th February 2010
26. 5-Star Frenzy/Jellyfish Campsite-26th Febrary 2010
27. Star Trek: The Sequel/Visit To Bikini Bottom-26th March 2010
28. Gifted And Talented/Taste Sensations-2nd April 2010
29. Everybody Needs Bad Neighbours/Pool Party-18th June 2010
30. Haunted In Luxury/Fine Dining-18th June 2010
31. Toxic Barnacles!/The Long, Confusing Road-18th June 2010
32. It's Raining Doughnuts!/One's A Crowd-30th June 2010
33. Pet Day/Chimney Sweepers-16th July 2010
34. Rocket-A-Bye-Baby/Mermaid Man And Barnacle Boy: The Final Chapter-23rd July 2010
35. Jane In The Neck/Fine By Me-24th July 2010
36. Planks For The Memories-25th July 2010

Season 3:
37. Banned From The Band/Mirror Magic-4th February 2011
38. We Have Loft-off/School Days-11th February 2011
39. Star Trek III/Star Struck-18th February 2011
40. This Means War/The Mediocre Life-25th February 2011
41. That Sinking Feeling-14th May 2011
42. The Doughnut Krab/Mayor Take Your Order?-14th May 2011
43. Gossip Girl/The Doughnutter: A Complete History-21st May 2011
44. Summer Fears/Silence On The Court-21st May 2011
45. Zits/They Called It Starfish Love-1st July 2011
46. The Wrath Of The Mutant Doughnut/Perry's Girl-25th July 2011
47. The Fashion Passion Freaks/The Doughnut Queen-26th July 2011
48. Jest Another Day/We Aren't Family-27th July 2011
49 Seanuts Roasting On An Open Fire/Lights, Camera, Auction!-9th December 2011/12th August 2011
50. 50 Secrets Of The Patrick Show-19th August 2011
51. A Hole New World/Sea Sick Sailor-2nd December 2011
52. Francais Marrant (French Fun)/Sewer Or Later-9th December 2011
53. The Fairly Odd Patrick Show-16th December 2011
54. Do You Ear Me/You've Been Reported-23rd March 2012
55. Mime Time/Felix On Fire-23rd March 2012
56. Fiends Reunited/Summer Prison-30th March 2012
57. Love Story/It's Hard To Say Hello-21st April 2012

Season 4:58. Best Friends For Never/Staff Swap59. Suspicions/Feelin' The Rhythm
60. Such A Perry Man/The Loud Problem
61. Nematode Troubles/A Dollar Of Mayonnaise
62. Virtual Fashion/Ants In Your Pants?
63. Break It Down/Patron 3000
64. Chilly Crisis/The Salad Situation
65. Pupil For A Day
66. Down In The Dumps/The Vicar Of Dublin
67. Wheel Beat You/Punky Town
68. Security Starfish/Star Trek IV
69. A Midsummer's Nightmare
70. Barking Mad/Sprinkle Strike
71. Greece Is The World/Summer Lovin'
72. Patrick On Ice/Jerkmaid Man
73. Viva Las Vegas/Comforting The Enemy
74. Pinky In The Middle/Interior Obsession75. Day In A Ditch/Daredevil Girl
NOTE: All Season 4 episode airdates have not yet been revealed.

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