The Reconstruction Era (June 15, 2012 to Present) is the current era of SBC, intended to lead SBC into its true Golden Era. The time period includes the efforts of tvguy347, Clapmaster, and Mr. Dr. Professor Patrick, although is largely coordinated by tvguy347.

Overview Edit

As a direct result of the July 2011 Hack Attacks, the Community was sent into a drought of activity that was worsened as 2011 drew to a close. When 2012 began, things steadily dropped even further. In February, server issues forced SBC to move to phpbb3, months after getting onto vBulletin. With a waning user base, tvguy announced in April that they would upgrade to new software: Invision Power Board. This would serve as part of v8 Orca. This later spawned the Orca Initiative, which would revolutionize SBC.

tvguy began work on a suite of plans. He created a series of campaigns that would affectively alter the SpongeBob fanbase and slide them into the SBC community. He then drafted a system called "Static User Recruiting," which he described as making it hard for users to leave, instead of easy to leave. He then put Clapmaster in charge of the advertising, and began to focus on SpongeBob Universe, what had become Campaign 1. He partnered with the SpongeBob SquarePants Wiki, the largest and most popular source of SpongeBob information on the net, as well as hired a new GFX to help with the reinvention. Together, Campaign 1, Static User Recruiting, and the SpongeBob Universe ecosystem will work together as part of the Orca Iniative and bring SBC out of the rut it's in.

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