The Robertryan Cory Visit happened on June 13th, 2012 when a SpongeBob Squarepants employee, Robertryan Cory a designer on the show, joined the site (under the username robertryancory) after getting notices on Flickr that members from the site were coming over to view his work and talk badly about it on the site, as he witnessed when he signed up. On behalf of the site, Jjsthekid, Servin' Up Smiles, OMJ, SpongeOddFan, Steel Sponge, teenj12, Aquatic Nuggets, tvguy, and Unlimitedcha have apologized. Robertryan has accepted the apologies and listened to our opinions.

This is looked at as more of a positive learning experience for the site, helping us to not make mistakes like this again.


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