The SBC Renaissance was a time of freedom, as we officially shifted under new rule from Terminoob to 70s. Nted as SBC's first Revolutionary war.

June 21st, 2010 InccientEdit

On Monday, June 21 a major crisis occurs. The navigation bar disappears, new users can't register, all profiles disappear, and posts are messed up and centered. Users suspected terminoob or a hacker. Terminoob was later shown to dislike tvguy as an Admin and how the site began to change, thus may have given him a motive.

July and August 2010Edit

On July 28th, 2010, Ex reveals that Terminoob will be keeping the site under his watch an d that he will be updating Terminoob on important events daily. See this thread

Later, terminoob threatens to destroy the site unless tvguy is de-admined. He takes the bullet for the site and ExKizuna replaces him as Admin. Users worry about the looming danger.

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