Premiere Date: June 1st, 2010

End Date: June 17th 2010

Status: Ended

The Spongebob Show! is a spin-off created by webizoid345(Spongebob Community only). It's about Spongebob wanting to pizzazz his life by doing a show and rise to stardom like the Guitar Lord. Once Spongebob and Patrick's show gets discovered by Ethan, Spongebob and Patrick move to Coralwood to film their show, along with their new friends: Stuart, Stan, Tessa, Robert, Jessica, Shelly, Al, Ethan and Libby.

Episode Guide:

Season 1:

1. Spongebob's Road to Stardom
2. Spongebob and Patrick Get Discovered!
3. The Drama Begins!
4. Stuart's Sorrow
5. Save the Stuart
6. Patrick's Date
7. Patrick, Robert, and Tessa Are in Trou-ble!
8. Resolving? Maybe
9. Party Boy!
10. Ka-Blooey!
11. The Rest of the Party
12. Get Along Home, Sandy! Sandy!
13. Double Dating and Running Away!
14. Home? What is Home?
15. McGee's Present
16. Dr-r-r-r-rama!
17. The Giant Hospital Scene
18. Yes or No?
19. Halloween in Coralwood!
20. Wrapping up the Year

Season 2:
21. Preparing for the Baby! (SpongeBob’s Story)


In the last minute, Dragiiin and Steel were hired to guest write.

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