The Way We Met was a spin-off created by famous spin off creator, Clapmaster. It was his re-boot spin off after he returned to the Spongebob group of friends.
Premiere Date: August 26th 2010
End Date: N/A
Status: Being Sold

Plot: The show revolves around Pierce's (From Patrick's Paradise and Pierce in the City) old adventures and it takes place in the year 2030. Pierce has a son named Taylor and Pierce tells him about how he met his mother.

Clappy abruptly ended the series, stating he'd "been there," and "done that." He said it sounded repetitive and that'd he written Pierce too long and that he wanted something fresh. But he later announced he was reviving it. He is now giving it away.

Episodes :
Season 1
1. The Way The Show Starts
2. Welcome to the Heartbreak
3. Pierce's Road Trip
4. My Stalker and Me
5. Ocean City Shenanigans

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