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The Xat Games 2 were a reboot of the original 2010 Xat Games. The Xat Games 2 were a part of the Countdown to Orca party, which attained a record-breaking number of people. The Xat Games also featured the most amount of contestants to ever participate in a live game in The Spongebob Community's history. Three challenges took place, with the winner being crowned on June 14, 2012. tvguy347 hosted.

Elimination List Edit

1.) SpongeOddFan

Votes: 5

2.) SOPA

Votes: 8

3.) Dragiiin123

Votes: 7

4.) SpandyNerd

Votes: 7

5.) teenj12

Votes: 6

6.) jjsthekid

Votes: 5

7.) Steel Sponge

Votes: 6

8.) JCM

Votes: 4

9.) Smiles

Votes: 7

10.) UnlimitedCha

Votes: 4

12.) The Idiot Box

Votes: 5

13.) CNF1

Votes: 6

14.) SG12

Votes: 5

15.) Clapmaster

16.) CF

17.) CDCB


Challenges include:

1.) TV-A-Thon (Team Orca)

2.) Missing Letters! (Team Algae)

3.) Channel Chasers (Team Shark)

4.) Spongebob Domination (Team Shark)

Final 3

Those who made it to the final three were Clapmaster, CF3698, and CDCB, where CDCB ultimately won the games.

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