Premiere date: December 31, 2009
The life of a fish is a spin-off created by Webizoid345. It's about a fish named Oscar and his wild adventures with his friends. However, webizoid recently cancelled it.

Ended: Yes
Status: Ended


Season 1
1. Surfing the Bikini Top/ Karate Club
3. Not yo Nachoes/ One suds over the Oscar
4. The new job/ The mime episode
5. Bravissimo!/Momma Mia!
6. Dead Oscar walking/ Remember the Filch
7. Johnny Scallops/ Unsatisfied
8. S'no day like a snow day!/ Dial A for AAAAARGH!
9.Seasons of Love/ Tomenstein
10. The wrong stuff (parts one and two)
11. Mummy, is that you?/ Farewell, Oscar's grandpa
12. Plankton strikes back/ Patrick's probelm
13. Crown Fools/ Super Safari
14. Boating Bash/ Tom's accident
15. Back to the future/ Oscar's new pet
16. the New 'do/ We come in PEACE
17. St. Patricks Day/ Who wants to be a thousand-aire?
18.I spy you!/ Bookworm
19. Johnny's secret/ Return of Connfess-a-bear
20. Finale

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