the meanest cabbage was a user who appeared on the SBC Xat from October 17th, 2012 - October 29th, 2012. She is from China and translates her messages via Google Translate. Known for her intense randomness and strange family who punishes her by farting in her face, many said she was one of the best SBC users although she never registered on the forums.

She often told stories about her bizarre family life, most notably a story about a "holy shit" she made, following an ancient Chinese ritutal performed by her parents.

It was later revealed on October 29th that she was really CDCB in disguise. Ironically, some users wished the meanest cabbage was real and one even asked CDCB to change his name back. Out of tribute to this massive prank, CDCB often posts as the meanest cabbage on Xat.

On November 17, CDCB created a lit based off of the meanest cabbage called Diary of a Mean Cabbage.

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