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Underwater Survivor: SBC Style is a spin-off created by Steel Sponge/Spongebobfan200.

Premiere Date: September 6th, 2010 (Sneak Peek) / November 5th, 2010 (Official Airing)

End Date: TBA

Status: Returning Spin-Off

Rating: TV-14

Plot: A team of SBC members tour around Bikini Bottom and other greatly related sites. It wasn't exciting for them when they realized they're in a teen reality show hosted by jjsthekid, in which is particually subterranean themed survival. Who will win the gold? Who will go home?

Season 1 (Underwater Survivor: SBC Style)

1. Gone Industrial(Part 1) (US: September 6th, 2010 (Sneak Peek), November 5th, 2010 (Official Airing))

2. Gone Industrial(Part 2) (Eliminated = Goosebumpsfan) (US: September 6th, 2010 (Sneak Peek), November 12th, 2010 (Official Airing))

3. All-Nighter (Eliminated = Wumbology) (US: November 19th, 2010)

4. RetroJunk (US: December 3rd, 2010)

5. Fearing the Enemy (Eliminated = SpongeSebastian) (US: December 10th, 2010)

6. The Aftermath 1: The Breakpoint (US: December 17th, 2010)

7. Eurotopia (Eliminated = Santa Dog/Elastic) (US: January 7th, 2011)

8. Hitting Rock Bottom (Eliminated = Steel Sponge) (US: January 14th, 2011)

9. SBCTube (US: January 21st, 2011)

10. The Lost City (Eliminated = Captain52) (US: January 28th, 2011)

11. Serebii Scandals (Eliminated = tvguy347 and 4EverGreen) (US: March 18th, 2011)

12. Aftermath 2: Trivia-a Thon (US: March 25th, 2011)

13. The No, Not Four, But Three Floors of Fear (Eliminated = Dragiiin123, Reinstated = Wumbology) (US: April 1st, 2011) (Jjsthekid Guest Wrote)

14. Committees and Conundrums (Eliminated = The Cartoon) (US: April 8th, 2011)

15. The Merge (Eliminated = Blue Skarmory) (US: April 15th, 2011)

16. Das Booted-Off (Eliminated = SG10 and Queen Malie) (US: April 22nd, 2011)

17. Warcraft Mania (US: April 29th, 2011)

18. Aftermath 3: The Chaos Continues (US: May 6th, 2011)

19. Wiki Space (Eliminated = Bob_Ball) (US: May 27th, 2011)

20. Wheel of Spin-Offs (Eliminated = Wumbology) (US: June 3rd, 2011)

21. The Forest Five (Eliminated = PokeSponge123) (US: June 10th, 2011)

22. Game Not Over (Eliminated = ExKizuna) (US: June 17th, 2011)

23. Mystery at the Krabby Express (Eliminated = Spongebobs1fan) (US: June 24th, 2011)

24. Aftermath 4: A New Hope (US: July 1st, 2011)

25. Road To Revolution (US: July 8th, 2011)

26. Shadows (Winner = CF) (Runner-Up = Clappy) (US: July 15th, 2011)

27. Special: Doubloons, Victory and Competition (US: August 5th, 2011)

Season 2 (Underwater Survivor SBC: The Lost Temples)

28. The Quarreling Quail (Eliminated = ACS) (US: October 8th, 2011)

29. Hunt Down That Goose (Eliminated = Bob Ball) (US: October 8th, 2011)

30. Smells Like Team Spirit (US: October 15th, 2011)

31. Paradise Lost (US: October 22nd, 2011)

32. The Facebook of Zuckerberg (Eliminated = tvguy347) (US: November 5th, 2011)

33. Aftermath 1: After the Forgotten Temple (US: November 12th, 2011)

34. A Sunken Treasure (Eliminated = CDCB) US: November 19th, 2011) (Jjsthekid Guest Wrote)

35. A Triad Divided (Eliminated = Deli) (US: December 3rd, 2011)

36. Forest Geen Isn't Your Color (Eliminated = storytime7) (US: December 10th, 2011)

37. What Matters To Boast (Eliminated = Dragiiin123) (US: January 21st, 2012)

38. Perfect Pawns (US: January 28th, 2012)

39. Aftermath II: Second Chance Showdown (US: February 4th, 2012)

40. Who Will Take Jelly? (Eliminated = Clappy) (US: February 11th, 2012)

41. Equestria Fever (US: February 18th, 2012)

42. Legends of The Stone Temple (US: February 25th, 2012)

43. Shinya Dynasty (US: April 21st, 2012)

44. SBC Avengers (US: April 28th, 2012)

45. Aftermath III: Aftershock (US: May 5th, 2012)

46. Elementary, my Dear Wumbo (US: May 12th, 2012)

47. Alien vs. Piranhator (US: June 30th, 2012)

48. Lord of the Flies (US: July 7th, 2012)

49. Amazing Temple Race (US: July 14th, 2012)

50. Aftermath IV: Aztec Style (US: July 21st, 2012)

51. Triad in the Tree Tops (US: July 28th, 2012)

52. Temple of Doom (US: August 4th, 2012)

53. Special: Temple Game of Thrones (US: September 22nd, 2012)

Hosts - Season 2

Host: jjsthekid Co-Host: tvguy347 Aftermath Hosts: JCM and CF

Prize Announcer: SG10

Olmec: Terminoob

Contestants - Season 2

The Screaming Geckos:Edit

Captain: ExKizuna

Helper: Patrick

Intern: Hassan

Green Monkeys:



Orange Iguanas:


Silver Snakes:


The Killer Piranhas:Edit

Captain: Shinya

Helper: Squidward

Intern: SOF

Purple Parrots:


Blue Barracudas:


Red Jaguars:




  • Team STFUBISYHO from Season 1 was originally named Team Clappy.
  • By far, two contestants were unfairly kicked out. SpongeSebastian due to the votes being altered, and Steel Sponge due to Spongebobs1fan causing his loss in a certain challenge.
  • SG10 was the first contestant to switch teams.
  • Blue Skarmory is the only fictional user in this show. All of the other contestants are real members.


Best Crossover Spin-Off - Spin-Off Awards 6

Best Quote - Spin-Off Awards 7

Best Scene - Spin-Off Awards 8

Best Female Main Character - Spin-Off Awards 8

Best Side Character - Spin-Off Awards 8

SBC TV-News Featured Spin-Off: Newscast 3

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