Who knows
Unlimitedcha (older username as Unlimitedcat) is a member on SBC, joining September 24th, 2011. She is nice and very active. However, she has gotten in trouble before for her semi-spamming ways in her really early days. She has been Employee of the Month for February 2012. She joined for the reason of her ever growing love for the show, SpongeBob SquarePants. She delayed from posting in the beginning, but now posts regularly. On January 28, 2012, she posted her first spin-off on the SpongeBob Community called "Dolphin Warriors". She was a Krusty Krusher on SBC also. On April 28, she won Jeopardy with Hayden and Teenj12 as a team game. She was also the SBC News Producer. She also won the title "Most Active" in The Golden Community Awards II: Summer 2012 and in the next awards she won "Best Krusty Krusher". She is also well known for her liking the character "Patricia" or as she calls it "Miss Patricia Spark" (which she also is known as) from the SpongeBob episode, "That's No Lady" and making fan art of that character along with others. She is also known for her crazy SpongeBob theories in both the SpongeBob section of the forums and the Industrial Park.

On November 5, 2012, Unlimitedcha reported in her sharing time that she was leaving (not just from SBC, but also from other sites she has been on), due to not being able to handle both an internet life along with her real life. She stated that she would still be on forums like Deviantart, Photobucket and Youtube although. She also resigned as producer of SBC News. On November 11, UC returned claiming that she missed her old forums. She is now regularly active on the forums again. Now she is currently a Jellyfish Hunter on SBC.

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