Webizoid's current avatar.

Webizoid345 was a member who joined March 21st 2009. He joined SBC January 31st 2010, but later left in July because his mom saw users swearing in the XAT chatroom. But, he later returned in October 2010 to tell us he would sneak in, but has since disappeared. He came back once again on June 18th, 2011, officially staying, although he hasn't been on since June.

As of July 10th, 2012, he has officially returned to the website for good and has reached 4500 posts on SBC.


The Life of a Fish (6 eps. February 14th 2010- February 20th 2010)

SpongeBob's Middle School Years (5 eps. March 30th 2010-April 3rd 2010)

To the Maxx! (2 eps. April 14th 2010- April 17th 2010)

The SpongeBob Show (21 eps. June 1st 2010- June 17th 2010)

Mysterious Waters (1 ep. July 16th 2012 - Present)

Fishy Adventures (2 eps. July 20th - Present)


Total Pokemon Island (FanFiction Series 10 eps. December 27th 2011 - Present)

Super Smash Bros: SpongeBob Community Style (2 eps. July 30th 2012 - Present)

SBC the Musical (COMING SOON)

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