The Cover for Welcome to the Chum Bucket

Welcome to the Chum Bucket is an Spin-Off from Maximagination Studios . The story details the life of a squirrel who comes down to Bikini Bottom. The show only had one episode before the rights were given to JCM. However, the rights were bought back two months later.

Started: 2012

Ended: 2012

Rated: TV-PG or TV-14 DV


A 19-year old squirrel named Raymond Carlson from Texas is brought down to Bikini Bottom by the request of his best friend, Sandy Cheeks, who agreed to let him move in. Raymond, who likes to smoke, decides to get a job at the broken restaurant. As he joins, he learns about the rivals at the nearby restaurant, The Krusty Krab, with the eviler-than-the-evil-boss, Eugene, the snarky irritating lazy cashier, Squidward, and the worst of them, the irritating, destructive Spongebob. Raymond Carlson suddenly finds himself trying to get the formula, falling in love with the nemesis, and living with the girlfriend in the enemy.

Maxwell's Silver Hammer Makes the Spin-OffEdit

"Welcome to the Chum Bucket" was first announced on August 19, 2012. It was rated around PG-13. Maxwell was hoping to make this his trademark show. It went through many format changes. On September 3, the series premiered. The episode did not get much review, and it got cancelled on October 7 after only 1 episode. Maxwell cited the cancel being because the episodes had become super hard to make.

JCM Buys (And Returns) the Spin-OffEdit

Less than 24 hours later, JCM bought the rights to the Spin-Off on the xat for 50 doubloons. However, two months later, Maxwell's Silver Hammer bought it for 50 doubloons because JCM couldn't make much out of the show. He had also claimed to have bought it on a whim.


  1. Welcome to the Show

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