Xat Fight April 2012 occured April 3rd, 2012, when the Xat was hacked by ExKizuna. Jjs, SOF, Unlimitedcha, and CDCB all went to CDCB's backup Xat. There, Exkizuna came on and started to bully Jjs in PC, demanding Jjs to ban a spammer that came on, in a rude tone. Exkizuna said he was playing an April Fools prank by hacking the chat, but Jjs and the others called him out.

Ex insulted everyone, trying to make himself seem innocent. He also claimed he is only mean to SOF. He also makes a rude remark about teenj12 (although he was not there). After a huge fight between him, Jjs, CDCB, and SOF, Ex finally gave up the password and left. Not returning since.

A new rule was also made about hacking the xat.

On April 9, 2012, Ex returned to the xat, but hasn't talked about what happened.

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